Welcome to touchmesoft

We are a growing international outsource web development company, but not a usual web design agency: we rarely work on small corporate websites, we do more "deep" and universal development and specialize mostly on complex and multifunctional site modules which could suit a lot of people all around the world (user count is above 5000 and growing). Along with this we also do outsource development jobs for implementing individual web solutions (mostly WordPress-based), customizations, optimization, and we provide customer support to our products.

  • Outsource web development

    If you need a custom web business solution, but do not like the idea of hiring a CTO, and a team of developers, outsourcing the development with us may be the way to go.

  • WordPress themes and plugins customization

    Our experienced developers can help you with customizing WordPress-based solutions, or even with developing custom plugins.

  • Custom PHP/Javascript/jQuery coding

    When needed we aren't scared to do some good old coding from scratch, or use any other CMS. We are familiar with almost all popular frameworks.

  • Online customer support via helpdesk

    A vital part of developing premium software is providing premium support: whenever our clients need us, we're there!

& cross-platform solutions

We always make sure that the software we develop could be used on any device and in any browser - desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet, Windows Mac OS, Linux or any mobile OS.

front-end and DB

We take good care of DB structure, back-end PHP coding, and front-end jQuery/Javascript coding: we do believe that all components of good web software are equally important and should be thoroughfully planned and well implemented. We hire professional designers when we need it so the front-end would also look nice.

and online support

We know that good software sometimes isn't worth much without support and good documentation. We always develop detailed tutorials, and provide a helpdesk for all of our products and all of our clients so we could fix the bugs and issues they find, or add new features that they suggest.